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Girls Only Surfcamp in Baleal | Peniche Portugal June 14-21 2015

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Meet the team of the Surfcamp

The Baleal Surf Camp Team in Peniche, Portugal

The team of the Surfcamp consists of a mix of local and international people. Many members have been working with us for several years or seasons. Have a look and see who will welcome you at Baleal Surf Camp in 2012. Also check the Team of the Surfschool.


bruno.jpg _R7V0506.JPG

Founder and manager of Baleal Surf Camp. Bruno’s been surfing in Peniche since the age of sevens and running the camp since 1993. He is an experienced surfing instructor with a 2nd level degree from the Portuguese Surfing Federation and a life guard certificate. He graduated in International Relations and applied the theory to surfing...



Surf Instructors

Felipe portrait.jpg Fellipe Bonella dal Piero surfing at Cantinho,Baleal-Peniche

Felippe was born in Victoria ES Brasil. He has an impressive CV and experience. Certifications as International Surfing Coach Level 2 by ISA as International Surfing Instructor Level 2 afiliated with ASP and CBS (Brasilian Surfing Federation). He’s also a ASP judge by ISA Level 2 and has completed with great success the Royal Lifeguard Society's Beach Lifeguard and Emergency First Aid Instruction. He always brings good Brasilian vibes and also uses his positive energy for teaching how to surf.




Steven Santos surfcoach team surfcschool Baleal Surf Camp Steven Santos surfing at Baleal

Steven is always funny, likes to entertain people and the picture above expresses his lifestyle without words. He is from Praia de Areia Branca just South of Peniche , Portugal.  He his certified with Level 1 of the Portuguese Surfing Federation (FPS), the International Surfing Coach Level 2 by ISA and recently completed with full success the very demanding Royal Lifeguard Society's Beach Lifeguard and emergency first aid instruction Pdf file (89KB).
 „Surfing is a state of mind.“, he says and with the beauty of this place you are able to find it for sure.




Josö Moutinho surfinstructor team surfcschool Baleal Surf Camp Josö Moutinho getting covered in Peru

Living in Sydney, Australia, Jose spends his second season after 2011 with Baleal Surf Camp. It’s the vibe of the team and the waves that brought him back to Baleal after several months of travelling the world. Now working as a Surfinstructor again he got the chance to „Get this feeling from the waves“ during a whole season in Baleal.




Josh Stenning Surfinstructor Team Surfcamp Baleal Surf Camp Surfinstructor Josh Stenning surfingJosh Stenning surfing at Cantinho Baleal Portugal

Originally from Brighton, UK, Josh is Surfinstructor with a Level 1 certification by ISA and a Beach Lifeguard Qualification. With his openminded spirit he likes to explore the world and loves the family vibe at Baleal Surf Camp. Surfing means freedom to him and for sure he already has found it in Baleal.




Celso Reis team surfcamp Baleal Surf Camp Celso Reis surfing at Baleal

Coming from Sao Paulo, Brazil, Celso spends his first season with Baleal Surf Camp. He’s been surfing many different places, but the consistency of the waves in Baleal makes this place just too perfect. Having a degree in Physical Education, teaching Capoeira and Pilates, Celso is a Surfinstructor with a very versatile background.




Rowen surfassistant Baleal Surf Camp

First time in Baleal, first time with Baleal Surf Camp Rowan from Deal, UK, is already convinced that this place has such good waves, a great vibe and a beautiful scenery. Rowan loves beeing in the water and believes that every wave is unique and gives you a different feeling.




Tiago Farto surfcoach team surfcschool Baleal Surf Camp Tiago Farto surfing at Baleal

Beeing a local from Peniche, Portugal and on the way to become a seapilot, Tiago knows a lot about the sea and its conditions. He manages the Surfschool at Baleal Surf Camp since 4 years and sails in Portuguese water when he finds the time for it. „For me it’s the good energy and the friendly people that make it very pleasant to be in Baleal.“




Sandy Stubenvoll photographer of Baleal Surf Camp

Sandy is originally from Vienna, Austria, but now living in Portugal. She's been our Baleal Surf Camp photographer since many years. A lot of the good images you see on our website are her work. If you're doing a week surf camp with us you'll probably have some nice photos to take home as "souvenir"...



Marketing & Media

Miguel Pereira surfschool manager team surfcschool Baleal Surf Camp Miguel Pereira surfing at Baleal

Miguel is originally from Torres Vedras, Portugal and also studying touristic marketing in Peniche. He has worked in other positions and now handles the marketing and communication. Besides beeing funny he also likes to play the guitar. So be ready to become a witness of Miguel’s passion for good music.



Extra Services

Emily Fraser yoga teacher of Baleal Surf Camp

„I like to lead a healthy vegetarian lifestyle, keeping fit and happy!“ says Emily, the camp’s yoga teacher from Brighton, UK. After completing her yoga teacher training in Bali she moved to Portugal and has been with Baleal Surf Camp since 2010. Book your yoga lesson to find out more about Emily!




Zuzana Kytkova massage therapist of Baleal Surf Camp 

Zuzana is from Bratislva, Slovakia and is the massage therapist of Baleal Surf Camp. She used to be a biology teacher before she came to Baleal and 2012 is her first season with the camp. What she really likes here is the ocean lifestyle, swimming, bodyboarding and enjoying freedom. Book your massage to get to know her massage skills!






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