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Intermediate Surf Course

What you will be learning as an intermediate surfer:


- Go through a diagnostic and appraisal session;

- How to select surf gear that is adequate for your level;

- Improving your paddling, sitting, and wave-catching techniques;

- How to improve your positioning on line-up

- Timing, reading the waves, and priority rules;

- The hydrodynamics of a surf board;

- Positioning your body for a bottom turn;

- How to surf various types of wave;

- How to gain speed and trimming;

- Manoeuvres: Off-the-lip, cutback, and floater.


Intermediate Surf Class Participant Surfing in Peniche

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The weeklong course includes a visit to a renowned surfboard factory where you can order yourself a customised board.

Additionally, there is one surf trip a week, and your progress is monitored on video.



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