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Surf Equipment

Our Surf Equipment includes over 80 surf boards at your disposal, in sizes varying between 5’6’’ and 9´2´´. We stock various brands such as BIC and NSP, i.e., reinforced plastic boards and epoxy boards, in addition to conventional fiberglass and epoxy surf boards. Thus, we can make shortboards, malibus, and longboards available to you in various sizes and thicknesses, and therefore, you will easily be able to find a board that suits your level of skill.

Furthermore, you can use a board with higher volume and float during the first few days, and you can then switch to a smaller, more manoeuvrable board afterwards.

Surf equipment at the Surf Centre right at the beach
Surf Board with the Sun in the background Surf Boards of various Styles Surf Boards in a Surf Rack Different Surf Boards in a Surf Rack

If you are an experienced surfer and have been surfing for a long time but do not want to carry your board over on the plane, tell us what type of board you normally use and we will organise you a board suitable for your characteristics.

Baleal Surf Camp provides a warm and flexible 3/2 or 4/3 wetsuit available, either in summer or winter, in order that you can surf in comfort. If you're booking a weekly package with us please check our promo with Fatum surfboards.

Surf Boards, Surf Wetsuits and Surf Students at the Beach
Different Surf Boards leaning aginst a Wall Surf Boards at the Beach Surf Board behind sleeping Dog Surfer passing by in front of Surfboards