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Surf Course Intermediate - Level 2

To be part of the intermediate surf course, you’re supposed to have surfed before and to be able to stand on the board on most of your attempts.

You’re also supposed to be able to paddle up to the waves, which should not exceed one metre or, at the most, not rise further than your chest.

At this stage in your progress, you will learn to take the drop when surfing green waves and to descend to the base of the wave. The most important manoeuvre at this stage, preceding all others, is to be able to do a bottom turn, i.e., to turn at the base of the wave.

Only when you are skilled at this technique will you be able to progress to other types of manoeuvres such as the off-the-lip, the cutback and floater, and other manoeuvres.

 Intermediate surfer at Baleal Surf Camp, Peniche


We will teach you to select the right type of board for you at this stage, by covering the materials that are used for board construction as well as covering board shapes, i.e., the various types of surfboard cut and their functionality.

You need to take into consideration that for every surfer there is a type of board that is adequate to his or her level of skill, in addition to his or her particular weight and height.

Intermediate Surf Course at Baleal Surf Camp Surf School

The type of wave on which you will be practising your skills is equally of major importance for your progress. For the intermediate surf course it is also important to learn how to select the right wave to do your first manoeuvres, and thus be able to improve your surfing abilities, are also taken into account.




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