Baleal Surf Camp Peniche Portugal

Peniche and Baleal Surf Spots

Peniche and Baleal areas are amongst the most diverse and consistent surfing regions in Portugal, Europe and the world. There are beach breaks, sandbars, reefs, point-breaks and mixed spots. All of these surfing options are located within a 15km radious from Baleal Surf Camp location and work with various swell exposures as well as wind and tide conditions.
This combined with season changes in surfing conditons in Peniche area, make up for an amazing year round surfing region.

Therefore Peniche was baptized the Portuguese Wave Capital and indeed it is considered the most consistent surfing region in Europe with excellent conditions for surfers in the learning,  developing or professional levels.

This truly extraordinary consistency and variety was one of the reasons why Peniche was chosen for the permanent W.C.T. (World Championship Tour) stop in Portugal after the amazing success of the Rip Curl Search back in 2009. The 2009 event made obvious to the world what we already knew for decades, here you can have surf lessons and surf courses all year round and with great conditions, see below the main surf spots.

Peniche & Baleal Peninsulas with Main Surf Spots Location Map
Peniche and Baleal Penínsulas Surf Spots Map

Below you can click the links for the major spots in the Peniche Peninsula and see some photos and short descritption of the main features of each surf spot. Starting North with the Belgas area where the alternative location was set for the Search in 2009, until one of the Southern most spots, the point break of Porto Batel you can learn a bit about the amazing surfing potential, there are several spots not described...


Belgas, Almagreira, Lagido, Prainha, Cantinho da Baia, Baía, Cerros, Molhe Leste, Supertubos, Consolação,
Porto Batel