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Surf Seasons in Peniche

The Peniche region is known for great consistency in swell. There are not many occasions when you will be unable to get good enough waves.
However, and as it is the case for the rest of the Portuguese western coast, surfing conditions improve considerably during autumn, winter, and spring.

Depending on the condition of the ocean on a particular day, there are potentially about 20 surf spots available within a 15-km radius and, therefore, it is almost always possible to find a wave that is adequate for your particular level of surfing skill.

A short description of surfing conditions according to the various seasons of the year follows.

Surf Statistics

Surf Statistics of Baleal Peniche, Portugal


Summer is holiday time and features ideal conditions for joining a beginners surfcamp in Peniche. In fact, the waves are smaller and softer in summer. Reef breaks do not arise in most instances and therefore you get beach-break waves that you can surf.

Given the extensive coastline, northwards and southwards of this part of Portugal, featuring predominantly beach-break waves, you can always find a beach that features ideal surfcamp conditions for both beginners and intermediate surfers.

Even at this time crowds are not a problem, since there is a beach available – the “Cantinho da Baía” – that is exclusively reserved for our surf camp. Water temperature is around 20º Celsius and therefore, a 3/2 wetsuit or even just bathing shorts are adequate for surfing.


During autumn, the Atlantic Ocean awakens and starts forming ordered wave lines towards de Portuguese coastline, creating perfect and powerful days that are a blessing for surfers who cannot bear to live without being permanently in touch with waves and surfing.

Water temperature remains relatively warm (a 3/2 wetsuit is good enough). At this time, winds are moderate and soft, creating many days of glassy or offshore wind conditions. Most of Peniche's summer crowds are gone and conditions are nearly perfect for the surfcamp surf classes.


Now in winter, conditions become more demanding. The wind blows stronger and waves will often exceed 3 to 4 metres at the spots that are more exposed to swell. But then again this is where Peniche makes a difference relative to other surfing destinations throughout Portugal and Europe.

Given the particular shape of its coastline, featuring several bays and sheltered inlets, it is always possible to find a surf spot where you can surf easier waves, such as at Molhe Leste or at Cerros, for instance.

While water temperature in Spain, France, and the United Kingdom drops to about 8 to 10º Celsius during this season, it never drops below 15º Celsius at Peniche and, therefore, a 4/3 mm wetsuit and possibly boots and a cap can get you going comfortably enough.
Best of all, the crowds are entirely gone and you will have plenty of space for line-up.


As spring arrives, temperature starts rising and the strength of the swell originating from the north Atlantic starts to progressively diminish.

During this season, the winds may blow from various directions all in one day. At this time of year, it is essential to get to know the right spots to surf, at the right time.

With luck, you may be able to catch magical waves when almost everybody else went to surf elsewhere in Peniche, and that’s on warm and sunny days.
Wearing a 3/2 wetsuit is fine since water temperature has risen to about 17 to 18º Celsius by then.