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Supertubos - Peniche
Supertubos de Queen wave of Peniche, one of the best surf spots in Portugal

Queen wave of Peniche. World-class sand bar. Extremely fast, tubular waves.


Tide – At low or half-tide

  Supertubos swell direction

Swell – Southern and western to northwest is better

  Best wind direction

Wind – North/East quadrant

  Supertubos dificulty level

Level of difficulty – 5 out of 5

   Wave size

Wave size – up to 3 metres / 10 feet


Watch below some action from October 2009 with the WCT at Supertubos...

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The worls awakes for Supertubos & Peniche

Supertubos was the main reason why Rip Curl and the ASP decided to include Peniche in the 2009 World Championship Tour. The event was the Rip Curl Pro Search 2009 and the result of the nearly two weeks the tour spent in Peniche was impressive for all involved, ASP, professional surfers, media, fans and both local and national authorities.

WCT fans watch pro surfers at Supertubos 26-10-2009
Crowd watches surfers at Supertubos - Peniche

This event was in fact the turning point on a deserved presence of Peniche and Portugal in the WCT. Proven beyond any doubt is the incredible consistency and variety of surf options in this magic Peninsula of Peniche; there was tow in surf, beautiful maneuverable beach breaks and last but not least a show of what Supertubos can deliver with the unforgettable October 27th, a day that will remain in our memories as one of the best surf shows we’ve ever witnessed.

Winner Mick Fanning on his way to world champion - Supertubos 26-10-2009
Winner Mick Fanning on his way to beeing world champion