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Massage at Balealsurfcamp-Portrait of Zuzana Kytkova

Zuzana Kytkova
Certificaton in Sportsmassage
Accredited of Ministry of Education,
Youth and Sports of the Slovak Republic



Massage: A perfect way to unwind...
If you feel tense, tired or just need a relaxing massage, Baleal Surf Camp offers you a perfect option with Zuzana, the camp's massage therapist.
She has a certification in sportsmassage which:
  • is a good way to  recover fast from surfing
  • is the most effective therapy for releasing muscle tension
  • is a therapy to restore balance to the musculo-skeletal system
  • stimulates circulation of blood and lymph fluids
  • returns the body to health
  • allows yourself to let go of stress and fatigue (pure relaxation)
Book your relaxing massage at the reception!

Everyday, just ask at the reception. We will find a date for you and Zuzana. 


At the end of Travessa Cruz das Almas

25 for 30min
45 for 60min

At the reception.